Saturday 8 March 2014

World Book Day at School (authortastic)

So I may not have dressed up for World Bok Day, however, I did have some fabulous authors come and visit the children in my school to give them some inspiration to read and write themselves.

On Wednesday, Andrew Weale came in to visit the youngest children in the school and read through some of his picture book, Spooky Spooky House with them. This won the need house prize and so we were really lucky that this is the second time that andrewsbhas visited our school. He had the children really involved and they all loved the day! 

On Thursday, World Book Day Itself, we had the lovely Tamsyn Murray come and speak to our year three children, complete with bunny ears. 

She spoke about how she became an author, what the inspiration for her Stunt Bunny series was and answered a few questions from the children. The teachers were just as entertained as the kids and she really got us involved with her stories and passionate about reading them. 

She stayed to do a signing after school. chorleywood bookshop kindly provided the books, they have done previous school events for us and are very good. Tamsyn chatted to all the children that bought a book to be signed and some of them are well on their way to working though the entire Stunt Bunny series! 

It was great fun having actual authors in school to support World Book day and hopefully will lead towards my goal of inspiring the kids at school to become avid readers like me! 

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  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous week! I think its great that authors come out and do this, and really helps to keep books alive for kids.