Monday 10 March 2014

Celebrating International Women's Day at Brixton Library

Last Wednesday Brixton Library and Brixton Live put on a real treat to celebrate International Women's Day. Authors Rowan Coleman, Ali Harris, Lisa Jewell and Rebecca chance read from their books, answered some probing questions and generally entertained us all well into the night.

Rowan read from her latest novel, The Memory Book, first of all. I loved this novel and it is always so good to hear an author read frond their own work. Ali read next, hearing her read from The First Last Kiss, made me want to read this fabulous book all over again! Lisa Jewell then read from The House We Grew Up In, again this made me want to retread the book as I literally couldn't out that book down!  Rebecca chance was up last, reading from her new novel Bad Brides. the bit she read wasn't too risqué but certainly suggested that a lot more was going to be going and and I am so so excited to read it now, look for the review on the blog closer to its release date on 27th March. 

Not only did these fabulous authors read from their books but then also fielded some seriously probing questions. Rowan revealed that there is a lot of herself in her main character Clare, and that her relationship with her mother is also what the relationship in the novel is based upon. Lisa and Rebecca both made it clear that they don't really like short stories or novellas and would find it too difficult to write one. Ali revealed that her inspiration for writing was Lisa Jewell and that she was actually a bit of a fan girl sitting next to her on the stage. There was a very lively debate about self published versus traditionally published novels, and also the future of Ebooks, it was really interesting to hear and authors perspective on it and definitely gave me an idea for a blog post...

To make the evening even better, I got the chance to catch up with my blogging guru, the lovely Amanda from one more page, and we chatted and ate cake of course. 

I love attending author events and Brixton Library always put on such a good show. I will be attending a few more events over the next few weeks and I will be right here to fill you in on everything that happened soon after! 

Happy reading! 

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