Saturday 1 March 2014

Paperback February Wrap-up

Ok so at the start of February I pledged to read more paperbacks. My shelves are literally heaving with paperbacks and I wanted to actually get some of the beautiful books read. I'm the kind of person who doesn't keep many books after reading them, they either get leant to friends, taken into school,  taken to a charity shop or taken to trade in against other books. Therefore, by reading a few more paperbacks on my shelves, I would create more room for new paperbacks which, inevitably, I would buy. 

So I read a total of 8 books in February. This is less than I read last February because I've been ill, I've been away and it's been very busy at school, nevertheless, this is my total. Out of these books, only 4 were paperbacks! 50% only. I actually did better in Janurary for paperbacks than I did in February-how disappointing. These are the paperbacks that I read... 

The other books I read were: 2 audiobooks...

And two Ebooks...

I'm not going to give up, however. I've set myself a new goal for march, which you can read about on Monday, and I am aiming to read some more paperbacks as part of that goal. I'll admit that this weekend, I'm planning on reading Ebooks, but I'm still going to try and read more paperbacks overall in my reading habits because I miss it when I don't. Also, if you've seen my recent book haul, I really need to clear some space on the shelves (either that or pop up to ikea again for a new shelf).

How many paperbacks do yo read on average a month? Is there a media that you prefer to read in? Are you an ebook only kind of person? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  1. Always loved physical books until someone gave me a Kobo as a gift. Now, for preference, I read on that. For some reason, I read more on the e-reader. I do read hardbacks, but only a few favourite authors.