Monday 24 March 2014

Mini review: The Mini Break by Jane Costello

An exclusive eBook short story from the bestselling author of The Wish List, Jane Costello. Featuring an exclusive extract from Jane's new novel The Time Of Our Lives. 

Review: this is a teeny tiny taster from a fabulous author nd includes a much bigger tastes of her wonderful new novel The Time of Our Lives. 

The thing I love about Jane Costello's writing is how witty and funny it is. You only need to sample a couple of pages of her work to realise what a fab writer she is. This novella showcases that brilliantly. It's a cute little story about a couple of girls who end up unwittingly on a golfing holiday. Of course there are many mishaps and some girly bonding and that's all you really need in a sassy short story like this right? The fab thing is that this little treat introduces us to James who actually pops up in Jane's new novel. I would definitely like to her more from James. 

This is the perfect treat for a lunchtime read or to fill those last few bus stops on the train to work. Or better still, do like I did and read it as a teaser for her new novel before you delve back into the wonderful world of this authors writing! 

A lot of people don't read short stories or novellas because they seem pointless or simply gap fillers but I think that this little treat showcases exactly what a short story from an author you're familiar with can be. This is something to wet your appetite before their next novel comes out. This has prepared me perfectly for Janes new novel since its been a nearly year since I read something of hers. It doesn't matter that it's shorter than the books I normally read, it gave me a little hit of a lovely author I really enjoy. It was refreshing to begin something and actually finish it in the same sitting. I'm a busy person and sometimes I just need that satisfaction of starting something I know I'll finish before I have to go to work, or before I have to finish my lunch. I think novellas and short stories have a definite place in any readers bookshelves and I very much enjoy them! 

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