Monday 7 July 2014

A very bookish week... Events wrap up!

Last week turned out to be a very bookish week for me and so instead of doing each event separately I decided I would post a kind of bookish events wrap up where I talk about each of the events separately.

The first bookish event I attended was the Random House Summer Blogger Brunch. I always look forward to these events at random house as they are tailored for us bloggers, we get to hear about all the fab new books coming out, see some wonderful guest authors and always get to take away some awesome books at the end of the brunch. 

This brunch had a bond theme to it, which I have to admit didn't really float my boat but it was exciting to have some bond theme film cases to take away filled with sweets and some lovely non alcoholic cocktails in martini glasses to sip on. We were introduced to the new Youn Bond author Steve Cole. He seemed like a really lovely guy, very charismatic and funny and I felt a bit like I might like to read the novel because of what I knew about his research and his personality. It features young Bond in Hollywood in 1934 and so I'm sure it'll be all glamour and action, maybe something new for me to try. 

As well as the bond intro, we also did a kind of speed dating of the new book they had. We chose which table to sit at first and then were told about each of the books on the table. I was in a group with Kate and Rob from the fabulous podcast Adventures with Words and Sana from booktube channel books and quills. It was just as lovely to be able to chat to them as it was to be able to chat about the books.

The first table we went to featured 365 Days of Wonder, a spin of from Wonder feature 365 of Mr Browns precepts. I think this sounds great and will definitely be getting a copy of this when it's out. We also talked about The Boy in The Tower which is a debut novel about when a boy becomes the only remaining resident in a tower block in an estate with his mum when all the other blocks have been attacked by Killer plants. I have a copy of this hardback and it's lovely so expect a review very soon. We moved onto a table which featured new books by Johnathan Stroud and Jason Segal. These are kind of horror type books and not really my cup of tea, but all sounded like they were full of action and there was a good mix of middle grade versus young adult books. The next table was the kind of fantasy table. This included the new novel by Casandra Clare and Holly Black and we each got a copy of this. Now this has been compared to Harry Potter because it followes children through school years and is a five part serious. I know there are a lot of people who will be very excited about this one! This Taney also featured a series of short stories by Terry Pratchet. Again this was a middle grade book and I think it would be a great introduction for someone like me who hasn't read any terry Pratchet before, so keep your eyes peeled for that. 

The final table we went to was the swoon table which featured the next novel in the teardrop series by Laren Kate, Waterfall and If I Stay by Gayle Forman which is going to released as a movie in August. I definitely want to read this novel before I see the film so I will be buying that one soon! The one I was most excited about was the new novel by Beth Reekles, Out of Tune. I loved Beth's previous novels The Kissing Booth and Rolling Dice and so I actually started reading this one on the tube back from the event! We were also lucky enough to be given a copy of Stay Where You Are and Then Leave by a John Boyne which I will be seeing if I can use when learning about World War I in school because it sounds great! 

The second event I attended last Saturday was Anthony Horrwitz and Meg Rossoff in conversation in Foyles. Thanks to Jim for the tcikets to this. I haven't actually read any books by either of these authors. I am aware of Horrowtiz's Alex Rider series and some of Megs books but these authors were so funny and so interesting. They seem to live and write in completely different ways and so to hear them comparing their working lives was really interesting. I loved the bluntness of a Meg Rossoff but unfortunately Horrowitz came off looking a little arrogant, but then he HAS written 42 novels so I suppose he's allowed, we got free t shirts as part of the event which again, will be going straight into school as prizes! The authors took questions and signed their books at the end of the chat.

Then on Monday night, the lovely Chorleywood bookshop put on a fab event with Mark Kermode. He talked to us all about Film critics and their future and told some of tales and anecdotes that feature in his new book Hatchet Job. The book seems to be written in exactly the same style that he speaks and so given how funny he was, I really can't wait to read it! He talked about standing behind his reviews and the fact that so many online reviewers don't have anything to loose and so they're maybe not as trustworthy as someone who's livelihood and job rest on their reviews and their opinions. He also said that he never sits on the fence because then he really isn't doing his job properly. Each questions from the audience as answered fully and each had another story attached to it. It was a really fun evening and I felt really motivated to go away and make sure that I stand by the reviews that I write because I know I am honest and critical about every book that I blog about on here! He signed copies of his book afterwards and asked me to link my review when I write it-no pressure then! 

Thanks to Chorleywood Books, Foyles and Random House for such fab events and allowing me to have such a book-filled week! 

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