Monday 21 July 2014

Review: Fractured by Dani Atkins

Rachel’s life is perfect. A handsome boyfriend, great friends and the prospect of starting at university in a few weeks means she’s never been happier. But in a single heartbeat her world falls apart forever.

Five years later, Rachel is still struggling to come to terms with the tragedy that changed everything. Returning to her hometown for the first time in years, she finds herself consumed by thoughts of the life that could have been. But when a sudden fall lands her in hospital, Rachel awakes to discover that the life she had dreamed about just might be real after all.

Unable to trust her own memories, Rachel begins to be drawn further into this new world where the man she lost is alive and well but where she is engaged to be married to someone else . . .

FRACTURED is a heart-warming tale of love and second chances which will leave you wondering whether two very different storylines can ever lead to the same happy ending.

Review: This Book was not what I expected at all. I was thinking the alternate lives Rachel lived would be split like a bit from here, a bit from there and eventually they would both come together but I really didn't think she would be aware of the two lives she was living-what an interesting twist of this traditional kind of storyline! This book comes with a warning though-the ending will break you! 

I have to admit, I thought this book got off to a bit of a slow start. That's not entirely true, the very start of this book is action packed, this is where everything happens that's going to lead into the rest of the book, but I felt from that point onwards, nothing really happened apart from Rachel continuously hitting her head and getting into scrapes becaus of it. Towards the end though, this really picks up and I did find myself doing the classic 'shout at the book' move as this drew to a close! 

I thought Rachel was a bit of a weak person, the character was written really well, this has nothing to do with that, but I feel her personality was just to be a kind of follower and not necessarily a leader striving to make the most out of life. When she is faced with the dilemma of having her life she Thoth she knew completely disappear I don't think she tries particularly hard to get people to believe her, she just accepts that she won't. The supporting cast are interesting but again, none of them particularly strong characters. The men in her life seem to lead her to the truth in this novel, something with k find a little bit male-centric and the whole idea coming from a particarchical society, but I still liked these characters nevertheless. 

I think you can definitely tell that this is a debut novel, there are a few plot holes in the middle, but the idea behind it is superb and the ending and beginning are action-packed. This isn't your classic women's fiction and I really like that that as the case. Once things began to hot up towards the end of the novel, I couldn't put this book down and so for that reason it's definitely something I would recommend you read! 

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