Saturday 26 July 2014

Sex Me Up Readathon Wrap up

Unfortunately this is going to be a bit more of a weekly wrap up than a readathon wrap up unfortunately! So this time of year is always hard to read for me. I am super super tired and so until the summer holidays finally arrive, my attention span for anything not just reading is like zero, all it want to do is sleep! 

At the start of this week I was already part way through Wistchrise by Vicotria Lamb and If I were You by Shelia O'Flanagan. I was also part way through The Diamond Ring by Primula Bond-yes some erotic fiction! I hear you cry...but no...I did not actually pick this book up again this week! I did finish off Witchrise though, NOT erotica but YA. It was very good and I'm glad to have completed the tirology though!

 I decided to pause my reading of If I Were you and instead move over to The Lemon Grove-hot and steamy I had heard. I did actually finish this one as it as a fairly short audiobook, so that's definitely a win-some sexy scene and frank discussion of very illicit sexual encounters. A little disappointed that this was the only book with a hint of sex in it that I read this week though! 

I attended the Launch of Where Love Lies by Julie Cohen this week and so I actually read that in the first day of my summer holidays. The review for this and other books I read this week will be up on the blog very soon but this was a very enjoyable way to spend the first day of my summer holidays! 

So it was a bit of a fail for my in trying to read sexy books this week, but in terms of reading books in general it was a massive win. This time of year I barely manage a book a week, it will of course accelerate from this week onwards since I am on holiday now, but I enjoyed seeing what other people were reading and the tweets with sex me up book suggestions. Thanks to the girls for hosting this readathon. 

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