Sunday 6 July 2014

Independent Booksellers Week: Chorleywood Bookshop

Today marks the end of Independent Booksellers Week. A week when we can all celebrate our love of books and Bookshops and support our local independent Bookshops. There have been fab events going on all week to celebrate. One of my favourite Bookshops is Choleywood bookshop. I first found out about these guys when they supported author Jackie Marchant when she came into my school. They were the booksellers that sold her book Dougal Trump on both of the days that she visited my school. Since then they have been back into my school several times with a range of fabulous authors, including the lovely Laura Dockrill. I've also been to events they have put on in the local community featuring authors like Bill Bryson and Jaqueline Wilson!

They are a small bookshop in Chorleywood with another branch in Gerrards Cross but they provide a vital service to the local community. The events they hold are always massively popular and they use local schools and halls to hold them which means that they can have a greater capacity. They have a fabulous knowledge when it comes to books and if they don't have sometime that a customer is lookng for, they can have it there for them the next day. 

Since they've visited my school, whenever I pop into the bookshop or see them at one of their events, they always greet me by name and thank me for tweeting and blogging about them and their events. It is so lovely to get such a great personalised service and something you don't get anywhere else other than an independent bookshop. 

As parts of Independent Booksellers Week, there was a bookshop crawl yesterday where people had to visit as many independent Bookshops as they could supporting them by buying a book. I had a very busy day yesterday but I did make the journey to a Chorleywood books and bought a book. This is what I bought...

Bookshops had stickers to give to people who supported them during independent booksellers week, unfortunately the stickers were no longer in the shop as they had been taken to another fabulous event that the bookshop had on yesterday afternoon. Instead they gave me some bookmarks and some of the signage from the shop door that they had with the independent booksellers logo on it, to prove that I had indeed visited them and bought a book. 

I also supported them this week by attending their event that they had on last Monday with film critic mark kermode who talked about, and then signed, his latest book Hatchet Job. This was a fab night and I will be bringing you a post about that event soon. 

The general message of this post is that I've enjoyed supporting independent booksellers week and if you don't know who your local independent bookseller is then seek them out, you may find a real hidden gem like I did who can provide you not only with books, but also fabulous events and a cheery welcome whenever you pop in! 

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