Wednesday 16 July 2014

I Heart my Kindle-a tragic love story...

Ok, so I may have spoken about this before, but I wanted to dedicate a little post today to my Kindle. I love my kindle. I've only had it for just over a year and a half but a strong bond has been formed between us.

I took my kindle on holiday & was able to have all my books there with me on the beach at a click of my fingers. I was able to fit my kindle in my pocket whenever I just want a quick stroll with a reading break in the middle. I also adore the fact that I am able to organise my books into folders-those from Netgally, Christmas books, read books, YA books-whatever I fancy! It's definitely true love!

But a couple of months ago-disaster struck! My kindle started to slow down, started to drain it's battery quicker and sometimes even restart when I was in the middle of the book. It was almost as if I could hear it wheezing and coughing at me!

The worst part was, sometimes when it would restart-the book I was reading had disappeared! It had taken it & ripped it apart and there was nothing I could do about it! I knew it wasn't my kindles fault-it was tired & overworked-it was ill... Nevertheless I was upset!

Then I made a phonecall that changed it all. 1030 on a Wednesday night I decided we needed help. So I phoned the kindle support line & the guy on the other end of the phone was brilliant! He took me through a few steps that might help. When they didn't he uttered those words that made my heart soar once more 'we will send you a replacement!'

Now I admit, I had mixed emotions with this statement-was I ready to move on yet? Was it too soon? Could I bear to send my deceased kindle away? But then I thought of the books. All the lovely books I would once again have at my finger tips. There to download, organise and read.

I was so happy to receive such good service. My kindle was 7 months out if it's warranty and yet still they sent me a replacement to enable my reading pleasure to contine. There were no questions asked and the new kindle was dispatched the very next day. To make it even better-I was able to return my poor overused kindle back to the corner shop at the end of my road-amazing!

I know amazon get a lot of bad press about being a faceless corporation who don't care about readers and just want to shut down all the bookshops. In this instance however, they didn't seem faceless they actually seemed to care!

Of course I will still continue to support my local bookshops-nothing beats the smell of a gorgeous new book! But I wanted to share my good experience with you and show you there is a kind side to some people!

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