Thursday 31 July 2014

Review: Where Love Lies by Julie Cohen

Reviw Lately, Felicity just can’t shake a shadow of uncertainty. Her husband Quinn is the kindest person she knows and loves her peculiarities more than Felicity feels she deserves. But suddenly it’s as if she doesn’t quite belong.

Then Felicity experiences something extraordinary: a scent of perfume in the air which evokes memories that have been settled within her for a long time, untouched and undisturbed. As it happens again and again, the memories of a man Felicity hasn’t seen for ten years also flutter to the surface. And so do the feelings of being deeply, exquisitely in love . . .

Overwhelmed and bewildered by her emotions, Felicity tries to resist sinking blissfully into the past. But what if something truly isn’t as it should be? What if her mind has been playing tricks on her heart?

Which would you trust?

Review: wow! I stormed through this book. I was recommended this book by Miranda Dickson who couldn't promise this novel highly enough and was lucky enough to attend the launch and meet the authors but before I went to the launch I sat down to read the novel and iterally couldn't out it down. It forms kind of a love story, kind of a mystery, kind of a real life drama but it's all completely compelling, dramatic and yet heart warming at the same time. 

The main character felicity seems to be a loveable scatter brain and I thought I might find that annoying. The way she seems to do things on a whim and without really thinking of the consequences. It explains at the beginning of the book how she is always late for things and again I saw this as a bit of a warning sign that I might not get along with felicity, but you can't not love this woman-you just want to make her a nice cup of tea and tell her that everything is going to be all right. I wanted the best for her throughout this novel and I this that's one of the things that I found so compelling about it! 

I also really really loved her husband. He is kind and funny and the prefect compliment to Felicity's slight airy fairy ness. He takes it all in his stride, is always there for her and puts up with a hell of a lot very patiently. His family, i didn't like quite so much but they play a pivotal role in the book, as does blast from the past Ewan, again I didn't like him quite so much. Although she is not alive, Felicity's mother also plays a key role in this book. I thought perhaps she may feature as a sort of ghostly presence, something which I don't think I would've liked, but she stays firmly in the background, tying everything together. 

There is a massive spoiler in this book and so it is very hard to talk about the storyline without giving anything away. It is a bit like a rollercoater though, a slow climb up and then suddenly you are rushing through drama and intrigue and mystery and then round into a plot twist you go before coming out the other side again, it's a lot of fun! The ending of the book was superb. Through the last few chapters I went through all of the facial expressions there are (I finished reading this in a pub so I'm sure that went down well!) but I was entirely pleased with the ending. You are kept in suspense as to what is going to happen it up until the last 2 pages and I love that! 

Overall this book was a real treat, it was easy to get to know the characters, easy to get into the storyline and made for a very enjoyable day's reading. I think this books would appeal to most readers and you don't need to have read anything by this author before to quickly become familiar with her beautiful way of writing. A must for your summer reading! 

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