Saturday 23 August 2014

Bout of Books 11.0 Day 5 update

Day 5 was a lot better than the other days this week. I had a long car journey and the traffic was pretty busy which meant that I got to listen to a LOT of an audiobook! I only had an hour and a half left of one night in Italy by Lucy Diamond so I didn't listen to that on my journey, instead, when I got home I called up my mum and we listened to an hour over face time, meaning that I now only had 30 mins of this left-torture waiting to listen to it with her! 

When I got home after doing the usual washing that is inevitable after a trip away, I read another 150 pages of The Dead Wife's Handbook meaning I'm now less than 100 pages away from finishing, this is definitely going to happen on day 6 and would've happened on day 5 if I hadn't fallen asleep! 

And finally the audiobook I listened to on my long journey... Landline by Rainbow Rowell. I listened to the equivalent of 210 pages of this meaning, like the others, I am tantalisingly close to finishing this one-day 6 is going to be all about getting these guys finished! 

So still no books completely finished but I have managed quite a bit of reading so far this week, how are you getting on? Are you enjoying these updates? What are you going to be reading over the weeken?

Happy reading! 

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