Wednesday 6 August 2014

Review: The Wrong Knickers by Bryony Gordon

For years, women have been told that their twenties are their golden years, filled with fun, parties, sex and glamour. Countless TV shows and movies tell us the same story: this is your perfect decade - don't waste it! You'll never be so happy - or thin - again.

Here, in her hilariously honest memoir, Bryony Gordon gives us a fresh perspective. Like Carrie Bradshaw, she may have had a column in a national newspaper, but her twenties weren't one long episode of Sex and the City, instead they were a decade of hangovers, heartbreak, and hideously awkward mornings-after, all over her overdraft limit.

Told with Bryony's trademark candour, humour and refreshing self-deprecation THE WRONG KNICKERS - A DECADE OF CHAOS is a memoir of a twenty-something Londoner who lived through her Bridget Jones years and survived. Embracing the messier side of life, it is a must-read for any woman who has survived, or is surviving, her twenties...

Review: wow I really enjoyed this book. I love a bit of non-fiction every now and then and this book was so true and so funny that I sailed through it in absolutely no time at all. I think I came to this book at a silty subjective angle since I now have 5 months left of my twenties and am about to move into my thirties therefore I am taking a look back at this decade too but this book gave me a kind of hope that we all go through this time and we all make stupid mistakes in our twenties but that they all teach us something in the long run. 

This book is written from the first person and so you feel the whole way through this book that Bryony is chatting to you over a bottle of wine and some Kettle chips and just recounting to you things she has done. She compares the time she was the only single one at a dinner party to the time you were the only single one at a dinner party. You chat about the horror of trying to find a flat to rent on your own, especially one within an easy commut to work and how it would be so much easier if you were part of a couple. The horror of discovering that the party you decided to spontaneously host was really the worst idea you have ever had, and each anecdote becomes more and more hilarious. 

This woman Is seriously braver that most of us though because she really does lay it all out there for you to see. The drinking, the mistakes, the break ups  and all the feelings that go with that. She tells you about her parents reaction when she decided to drop out of uni and her own feelings when she discovers the affair she was having wasn't quite what it turned out to be. 

If you fancy some laughs and a few home truths then you need to be picking up this book now. If you love Sex and The a City then you will love this book and if you ever made a mistake in your twenties or things didn't turn out quite the way you thought they would then you will be able to relate to this book and you need to sit down and listen to Bryony Gordon's thoughts tourself right now. A must read! 

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