Wednesday 20 August 2014

Review: The Arcade Year 2 Episode 7: Ghosts by Kitty Charles

In the dark corners of Angell's Arcade lurks a resident no one knows is there.

Frederick Angell has watched over his investment for more than a century, unseen and unnoticed, doing what little he can to help his adopted family. When one of the Arcade's younger tenants is threatened, Frederick is forced to leave his beloved building and do things he's never dreamed possible. But in saving one tenant, he finds a salvation of his own... 

Review: oooo what a different episode of The Arcade this was-I loved it! The episodes starts with some characters I hadn't heard of and I totally didn't know what was going on, I even checked back onmy kindle to check that I had opened the right thing, assuming that I had clicked on another bok by mistake. But no, these were intruders into the arcade, people who didn't belong there, and who should come along to stop them in their tracks? The Arcades founder, Frederick Angell! 

Yes, this months episode is all about him!  I love this as I've been wanting to know more about this illustrious character since the Arcade began. We heard a little from him at the start and the end of last year but in this episodes we get to see many of the major events of this arcade from his point of view. What does he think about all the bed hoping that goes on in the arcade? What does he think of the problems that his shopkeepers Are facing today? And what was the arcade like when he founded it?

We also get to see a ore personal side of the arcade founder, his own relationship and private life and I'll admit I did actually shed a tear during his account of his relationship with his wife. There may just be a few other ghosts in this months episode, you'll have to read it yourself to find out how they are involved I the whole thing! Although thai month focuses on a ghost, it's not scary, but it does give a major insight into the comings and going of the arcade and of the arcades past and so for that reason I think it is a wonderful summing up of an episode and something all arcade fans MUST read! I just want to know now if this, in fact, was a different Kitty penning this months episode...

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