Friday 24 October 2014

Guest Review Teardrop by Lauren Kate

Today you guys are very lucky because I have a fabulous guest review on the blog today. One of my students recently read the first 2 books in the Teardrop series by Lauren Kate and loved them so much, she wanted to review them for the blog. Its always lovely to have a young adult book reviewed by a young adult reader and I think you'll agree, her review puts mine to shame!

“Wisdom holds a candle to experience, but you’ve got to take the candle and walk alone.”

Written by Lauren Kate, this book is about a 17 year-old girl who, if cries, can drown the whole, wide world. Her name is Eureka Boudreaux’s  ; she’s Catholic. Her mum died, she committed suicide - but failed - and her dad married again (as if he never cared for Eureka’s real mom). Also, Eureka’s step-mother treated her like rubbish; in other words Eureka has been through a lot but Eureka’s step-sister and step-brother are awesome and kind towards her.

In the book, Eureka meets a stalker,who (claims he isn’t stalking but observing her - “I’m not stalking you , I'm observing. there’s a difference, you know.” - and) says if he ever left her alone, she would die. Eureka’s stalker ,Ander, tells her he has been watching her for a long time and at first he didn’t want to do it but his family, his cult, made him do it. When he describes his family, Eureka realises that they want her dead as she can drown the whole wide world and raise a continent.

Going through adventures, love and betrayal, Eureka has to face a lot (but I won’t spoil your fun by telling the whole story) just as she has done throughout her life. Reka - her nickname- doesn’t want to believe, that just like her mother who had drowned because of a freak, rogue wave, her best friend will betray her, make her cry, make a continent appear, kill her, then die himself. Reka thinks that she can’t trust anyone, because of his and a fortune teller’s prediction, she thinks that she can’t trust Ander, who for so long, has only tried to help.

Review: Cliff Hanger is the name for the book; it is one. In the end the book’s story and prediction didn’t exactly came true but one thing is for sure Ander’s cult, the Seedbearers, will stop at nothing to prevent Atlantis’s return so Eureka, Ander, Cat (eureka’s other best friend), Trenton(eureka’s dad), Eureka’s step-siblings and the body of eureka’s dead step-mother have to travel across several seas with a powerful shield to avoid their deaths, knowing that their best friend is out there waiting for the best moment.

This book is consisted of the following characters: Eureka, Ander, Brooks(AKA Noah), Cat, Trenton, Diana, Eureka’s step-siblings, Eureka’s stepmother and many more.

The setting of the book is ever-changing. It starts from in a psychiatry ward to a field outside. You can never guess where the next setting might be which proves it is a cliff hanger.

Teardrop is utterly wonderful. This book is captivating; it took all of my willpower to put it down. It has a raw energy that’s tense but calm. It was the first book I have ever read written by Lauren Kate and it was awesome, it was achingly romantic and unbelievably vulnerable but it was also at the same time heartbreaking and resilient. My view on the book would be really really good as it reaches my level of expectations. I have absolutely no dislikes for the book and I hope you won’t either.

The pace - the fastest timing you can read the book - of the book for me was fast: I completed the book within a day, but it was still a big book (consisting about 400 pages) and it had taken me the whole of the day.

This book is amazingly awesome but I would recommend this book to young adults and teenagers; this book has romance for older people. If you want to read the book, go ahead; my opinion isn’t necessarily required for you but it suit my recommended readers.

So there you have it, Teardrop’s review, I hope you will like it and my review has given you a sense of direction. Remember, Eureka has been through a lot and will go through some more so read the sequel (Waterfall), if you want to. Thanks for reading!

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