Wednesday 22 October 2014

Sophie Kinsella & Adele Parks at The Guildford Literary Festival

Last Wednesday I had the very great privilege of attending the Guildford Literay Festival to see an event with the fabulous Sophie Kinsella. It was a double treat because I also got to see Adele Parks interviewing her, another fab author who I was very excited to meet! 

Adele was a wonderful host asking Sophie all sorts of interesting questions revealing the fact that there is definitely another Becky Bloomwood book in the pipeline, Sophie thinks of a Becky as a character that lives her own life, even when she isn't writing about her and that she did most of the research for the latest novel, shopaholic to the Stars whilst on the shopaholic movie set in Los Angeles. 

It was a great even and so brilliant to be able to hear two of my favourite authors have a chat. I was also rather star struck to be sitting next to the brilliant author Carole Matthews. I attended the event with Debbie from Snuggling on the Sofa, her blog is definitely worth checking out! 

At the end of the event we both got our books signed and got to meet Sophie and Adele who were lovely and friendly. It was a great night and I will definitely be checking out Guildford Literary festival again next year! 

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