Sunday 19 October 2014

I had a really good reading week!

So this week has been a pretty good reading week for me. Lack of voice at the start of the week meant no phonecall distractions and I had a couple of days in bed too so I listened to an audiobook. 

The 24 hours readathon has just finished and I reached my goal of reading Fairytale Of New York and I'll Take New York both by Miranda Dickinson. I wanted to re-read Fairytale because I'll Take New York is a companion novel and I read Fairytale in 2009 so I needed to get back into that world again! 

I loved reading both of these and even finished with an hour to spare. I read 881 pages, listened to an hour of the Miniaturist on Audiobook, had 6 cups of tea, 3 cups of coffee, a beer, a diet coke and an iced tea (as well as meals and snacks!) and I really enjoyed being able to sit down and get back into Miranda Dickinson's world again. I'll take New York is released in December so look out for more news and my review of that soon! 

I also read some novellas this week. I read the August and Spetember episodes of The Arcade. These were really fun and I'm looking forward to the October episode coming out soon! 


I also read Real Elves by Helen Smith which is. Christmas short story with a bit of a twist. This was a really fun, short read! 

This leads nicely into the Sunday challenge which was to read a Chritmas book this week. Sunday Challenge is Arranged by This Chick Reads on Twitter and is a great way to get you motivated to get through your TBR each week! I read the short story mentioned above. The two books by Miranda Dickinson which born feature Christmas fairly heavily and I also read I Will Marry George Clooney (By Christmas) by Tracy Bloom-review coming soon! 

On top of these lovely books I started and finished listening to Billy and Me On Audiobook and also read Where She Went by Gayle Forman, the sequel to If I Stay which I LOVED reading this summer! 


I also finished reading Little Lies by Liane Moriarty and started reading Special Delivery by Clare Dowling (which also takes place at Xmas!) both are awesome books too! 

Altogether in terms of complete books this week, I read 2055 pages which is immense, I don't think I've read that much when I've actually been doing a week long readathon. The 24 hours of reading did help (I did sleep about 6 of those hours!) but still, am really pleased so have enjoyed so many books this week (and cups of tea).

I enjoyed the Sunday challenge, I enjoyed the readathon and now it's onto a new week. It's a busy one so I'm not expecting much from this week and I'll never be able to compete with my reading of the last 7 days! Look out for the reviews soon! 

Happy reading x


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