Monday 27 October 2014

Guest Review: Waterfall by Lauren Kate

Today you guys are very lucky because I have a fabulous guest review on the blog today. One of my students recently read the first 2 books in the Teardrop series by Lauren Kate and loved them so much, she wanted to review them for the blog. Its always lovely to have a young adult book reviewed by a young adult reader and I think you'll agree, her review puts mine to shame!

“Wisdom holds a candle to experience, but you’ve got to take the candle and walk alone.”            
Written by Lauren Kate, this book is a sequel to Teardrop. Just  as the previous book, Waterfall is about Eureka but the difference from the last book is this one is about Eureka’s consequences for raising Atlantis.

Waterfall is about how Eureka faces her challenges, it’s about how  Eureka gets whisked off to the returned land, it’s about how Eureka decides to walk her path (by choosing whether to follow Atlas or to follow her heart) and it’s about how eureka decides to live her life.

Noah’s - AKA Brooks’s - life may be released from Atlas’s control but to him alive is something only Eureka and Ander know how to do. It is a question of life and death in which Eureka has to give up Ander or Brooks.

In the book, Eureka’s relationship with Ander suddenly goes off in another direction because of a hidden reason, which can only be possessed by reading the book.

Cat , Eureka’s friend, plays an important part in the book especially after she finds out her quirk as does Trenton and Eureka’s step-siblings.

The characters from the Teardrop are continued in the book: Eureka, Ander, Brooks, Diana, Trenton, Atlas and Eureka’s siblings but a few more are added on, such as: Solon, Delphine, Gossipwitches and many more.

Unlike Teardrop, Waterfall is mostly set in one or two places: Solon’s cave or Atlantis. Like Teardrop, the book is captivating and is hard to predict the next chapter even if it’s set in mostly one place.

The book is very captivating. It is immensely tense and has a raw energy. The pros for the book, for me, was that it had action and fun but unfortunately it had too much action and was way too tense. The only con about the book is that it’s too intense but hopefully the book will be just right for you with only pros and no cons.

This book is amazingly awesome but I would recommend this book to young adults and teenagers; this book has romance for older people. If you want to read the book, go ahead; my opinion isn’t necessarily required for you but it suit my recommended readers.

So there you have it, Waterfall’s review, I hope you will like the book and my review has given you a sense of direction. Remember, Eureka has been through a lot and will go through some more so read the sequel, if you want to. Thanks for reading!

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