Saturday 25 October 2014

Richard Madeley Event

Last Friday I was lucky enough to attend a fabulous |Books and the City event at the Grosvenor Hotel in London. The event featured Richard Madeley, who was being interviewed about his books by fellow author Hannah Beckerman. This is always a wonderful venue for book events and they always look after use very well. We sipped champagne and nibbled on canapes as we were waiting for the event to start before being led into the room and introduced to the very charismatic Richard Madeley.  

Hannah was a wonderful compare, asking him questions about his writing process, his choice of subject matter and of course, what he will be writing next! The juicy gossip is that his next book will be set in 1976 and in the Lake District where Richard used to work as a radio journalist. It doesn't sound like there's any psychopaths in this novel but it does sound like it will have some dark subject matter and of course, like his other books, a beautiful protagonist who may, or may not, be as beautiful as she seems!

He revealed that when he is at home, he and Judy will bounce ideas off each other about their respective works in progress. The other interesting thing that he talked about was the Richard and Judy book club, they've JUST decided on the next round of books and so are beginning to read through those themselves. They have to whittle it down from hundreds of titles and they will only pick ones that they really really love and genuinely want to read themselves. They're had some excellent titles and apparently only disagreed over one title over the years!

The event was a wonderful night out with gorgeous canapes, excellent company and a wonderful author at the helm. At the end of the evening Richard was kind enough to sign our books for us and was genuinely kind and chatty and funny. 

The Books and the City team were fab and it was with regret that i left them sipping cocktails and discussing fabulous fiction in the wonderful Red Bar and headed off home!

Thanks to Richrad, the Grosvenor team and the Books and the City team for a wonderful event. The book was of course, a brilliant and read, i reviewed it back in August so now you've seen the author, you should definitely check out his material!

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