Thursday 9 October 2014

Why I love audiobooks...

I love an audiobook. I've said it before and I'll say it again-love em! Let's face it, audiobooks are basically a bedtime story for grown ups. I used to love a bedtime story. I discovered Narnia and Roald Dhal this way and when i got older, i would get tapes out from the library and listen to these at bedtime. So why, when i entered early adulthood, did i not continue to nurture this love of audiobooks? These were clearly dark times. I remember as a child having literally listened to all the children's audiobooks they had in my library and looking at some of the adult ones but just not being quite ready for them yet. Now, thankfully we have the Internet with its unlimited downloads of auoiobooks, I won't have this problem.

The pictures in this post are all books I've enjoyed as audiobooks recently...

Not only are audiobooks a brilliant bedtime story even when you're grown up, but they also means that you can read no matter what you're doing. Having moved house in the summer, i got through tons of audiobooks when I was unpacking boxes. The box unpacking took a seriously long time and the audiobooks meant that it wasn't the lonely experience it could've been and yet i was still getting through books i really really wanted to read. When i have to make the journey from the south to the north to go back home, audiobooks are awesome because the journey there and back is about the length of a book, meaning that journey equals one whole book! They're hand-free reading on your commute, hands free reading in the bath and handsfree reading when you need them most.

I also love audiobooks when you're ill. When I'm ill my eyes don't want to work properly and my hands don't want to hold a heavy hardback, sometimes even my kindle is too much when I'm feeling poorly, but audiobooks can be enjoyed whilst lolling on the sofa, snuggled up in bed and they keep you entertained and keep your mind off it. Having a full library of audiobooks on my phone is also good if I'm feeling in the modd for one particular kind of book, a comfort read and something not too challenging. My audio library means I can re-read something I've previously loved and this definitely helps cheer me up!

I love an audiobook for autobiographies. Autobiographies on audiobook tend to be read by their author. I've listened to the Stephen Fry autobiographies and the Jennifer Saunders autobiography recently and its brilliant hearing things in their own words-literally. I've also listened to a couple of Bill Bryson books which were actually read by him and they just made the whole book come alive. I felt like i was being spoken to by the person and having a chat with them rather than reading something which was in excess of 300 pages-brilliant!

I know audiobooks aren't for everyone but i would literally be lost without them,. I have an audible subscription and I also borrow audiobooks from the library, and, if they're on offer, I sometimes buy the CDs themselves. Audiobooks are always things I choose to read from my wishlist and so sometimes they can also be an escape from a paper back or ebook that I'm really struggling with. I know this is basically just me fangiring over audiobooks but i felt it had to be said and also lets you know a little bit more about me as a reader!

Leave me a comment below if you're a lover or even a loather of audiobooks, I'd love to hear from you!

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