Sunday 28 June 2015

Independent Bookshop Crawl Book Haul

Yesterday the end of independent bookshop week was marked by a bookshop crawl where book lovers visited their favourite independent Bookshops. If you followed this on twitter at all, you'll have seen some people visited so many Bookshops and bought so many books! 

Unfortunately I was only able to visit one bookshop but that was my favourite independent bookshop, Chorleywood Bookshop! 

They had a fab independent bookshop week display inside and out...

The theme of this years indepednt bookshop week was #giveabook so the book that I bought had to be one to give to someone else. Now this week did fall with Father's Day at the start but my dad doesn't really read the books you buy him so instead I took my boyfriend along with me and he chose a book and so did I and I then bought the book and gave it to him! 

He got a book about canals: Great Waterways Journey by Derek Pratt-love the photos on the cover! And I got the fourth in Laura Dockrill's Darcy Burdock series: Oh Obviously! The nice thing about this book is that after I have read it, it will go on my bookshelves at school and so that will also be a book that I'm giving because it will mean that lots of the children I teach will get to read it as well! 

As you can see from the picture, the fab ladies at Chorleywood also gave me lots of IBW swap, bookmarks and the like so these will probably also be passed on! 

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