Monday 22 June 2015

Review: No-one has Sex in The Suburbs by Tracy Bloom

Ben and Katy haven't had sex since Ben found out about her one-night stand with her childhood sweetheart, Matthew. 

Not only that but the arrival of a new-born baby has blown their relationship apart like a hand grenade. 

Drastic measures are required, so they swap roles hoping that everyone will be happier... Only it’s not as easy as they thought. When a desperate Ben starts secretly accepting help to solve his childcare disasters – from Matthew’s wife – it could mean the end of everything. Can their relationship survive the lies and suspicions and will they ever have sex again?

Review: Just such a good book! I love Tracy Bloom's writing, if you've seen any of my other posts about her books/her, you'll know that she cracks me up, she entertains me and she always writes a good read! This book is no exception, I think it may have even got me out of a bit of an actual reading slump (not listening just reading) that's just how much I enjoyed it and its the fastest I've read a book in a while too!

I love the fact that we are revisiting old characters in this book, its a sequel and I love that. I found myself doing a bit of catching up as I went along so I think it would be really good to marathon these two books together. However, if you don't have time to do that (LIKE ME!) then Tracy does a good job of catching you up as you go along. Remember how sweet Ben and Katy were? Well they're still sweet and lovely in this novel and still doing the things you think about doing and saying but never actually do, which is always amazing to read! I love the real comedy characters in this book as well, Braindead is just amazing and had me in fits of laughter throughout and Daniel is just ace and cutting and camp and everything you want him to be!

In terms of plot in this book, you might think that its just all about babies and if you're not a fan of them you might not fancy it, but the babies in the book just provide pure comedy and so it is so worth every page. There are also issues about relationships and marriage after the baby and when you move to the suburbs (hence the title) and a good storyline about working mothers and the stigma surrounding that-which I loved! The funny bits really will have you laughing out loud at inappropriate times and in inappropriate places but it makes you feel so good!

This book is, once again, set in Leeds which is brilliant! It's always refreshing to read a book not set in London or Cornwall or a major US city these days and I like that I can recognise names and things in the city and that the characters all speak in my accent-yey! Honestly, this book is a great read and will definitely not leave you disappointed! It is funny, well-written and just thoroughly entertaining!

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