Monday 8 June 2015

Paperback Summer!

Another paperback challenge? Yes please! I did so well with the last challenge, reading paperbacks so I'm really really excited that Sophie over at reviewed the book has issued us another challenge. I love her blog so if you feel like joining in, you should definitely click the link!

Now the reality is that I have a whole bookshelf, and then some, of books that I could choose from this summer and I would love nothing better than to sit down in front of my bookshelf here and read for the next three months but it's just not going to happen so I've pulled out a few books that I know I'm going to try and get to this summer. 

First of all I have this fabulous collection of paperbacks, you might notice a couple of these from the last paperback challenge. A few of them have been on my shelf a while and a few of them are actually summer releases! A mixture of finished copies and ARCs here too! I actually have Step Back in Time on audiobook so I may end up listening to that one and giving my paperback to a loving home...

Then I have the hardbacks. Now the summer holidays is the perfect time for me to read a hardback, I tend to have more time to sit in a read (or out in the garden and read) and I tend to be out and about in the car a lot more so I can carry a book in the car rather than having to lug a heavy paperback in my bag! I bought a lot of these in excess of six months ago and a couple in excess of a Year ago-shameful! 

And then we have my YA selection. I don't tend to read as much YA in the summer, I don't know why because it's not like I read tons of it during term time, but it definitely read more adult fiction. It's a bit quicker to read a YA book for me and so , as you can see, there are a few of these on my pile. 

Now there are three realities that must accompany this goal post. Firstly, I have review books that are on my kindle so I'm going to be reading some kindle books and the driving I'm planning on ding this summer will mean that I do quite a few audiobooks as well. 

Secondly, I have another masters assignment that I will be writing over the summer, July and August and so my reading may have to take a backseat to academic reading and assignment writing.

 And thirdly, the majority of my reading will take place in the month of August (when it does every year!) I'm already behind on June, late posting this as well, and things aren't letting up at work so I can't see June being a gret month for me! We break up on 21st July so up until then my reading will be as a limited as it always is but from then on, I've got a few free days before I go away and then I can read all I like! 

I'm excited to start this and hope to do a couple of monthly wrap-ups to let you know how I get on! 

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