Monday 24 February 2014

Book Ninja Challenge

I have a confession to make... When I am out shopping for books, even just browsing Bookshops, I do something a little bit naughty. I take books that I love by authors that I love and I move them to more prominent positions. Whether this is just turning the book around so it is facing out wards rather than just the spine being visible, moving it from the bottom of a shelf to the top of a shelf, or moving it onto the tables nearer the front of the shop, I want others to love the book and so I give that book a better chance to be seen (and loved) by other people.

This wasn't something that I did before I started blogging, it's something that I've started doing since it met such lovely authors, perhaps this is something that you've done too. Or thought about doing and not been as naughty as me to to actually do it...

The other day I moved novels by Rowan Coleman, Hannah Beckerman and Miranda Dickinson in a branch of a certain well-known bookshop chain (others bookstores are available) and was chatting about it on twitter afterwards. Are there other people who do this? Or other people who would be willing to do this? And what's the most outrageous you can be whilst moving these books around your local bookshop?

Now I'm not condoning moving displays around in bookshops, I know its a naughty thing to do so what I'm looking for is you reading any one of these authors' books in a public place. Reading their books in plain view of other people is a great way to make people aware of them as well. So take a picture of yourself reading any of their books on the train, on a beach or even in a bookshop! Tweet me the pictures using #BookNinjas for a chance to win (and love) something by these authors and I'll choose a winner at the end of the week. 

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