Tuesday 18 February 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Reasons I Love being A Blogger 18/2/14

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because they are particularly fond of lists over there at The Broke and the Bookish. I'd love to share my lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!

This is a fun one, and so easy to write. These are in no particular order so I'll just jump right in. 

1. Meeting other bloggers. Not many peoe understand how I find the time to read with such a busy job and social life as well. They also don't understand why I feel the need to buy so many bos when I really don't have much money. Other bloggers understand this. Other bloggers always have support for me, a book recommendation for me or indeed a bookshop recommendation for me. They find the time to fit in a good book even when no time can be seen-other bloggers are amazing! 

2.  Meeting authors. This has definitely been an amazing part of blogging for me so far! Whilst I went to book signings Before, I didn't get invited to so many exclusive events as well. Being invited to launches is just the most amazing feeling and I've also met some amazing authors who have come in and inspired my children at school as well as inspiring me! 

3. Getting to know about new books ahead of time. This has been amazing. Through twitter and speaking to bloggers or authors themselves I've been able to find out about new books an author has been working on and know about things that are happening months in advance. This means that I can get super excited about the book months in advance too-yippee! 

4. Being sent books. I can't deny that getting advance copies of books or review copies of books is an amazing perk of being a blogger. It's wonderful because as a blogger you want to read ALL THE BOOKS but you can't always afford to and whilst the library is amazing, it doesn't always have things I want in, so being sent review copies is totally awesome! 

5. Finding amazing debut novelists. This is definitely a fun part of blogging, sometimes you get asked to review something by a debut author and then amazing things happen for that author and you can be someone who supported them right from the beginning-such a lovely feeling! 

6. Being knowledgable enough to find a book for a reluctant reader. Whilst this is generally children I work with at school, sometimes this can be a friend or acquaintance who doesn't like to read. Having read or heard about so many awesome books, it's great to help them find something that will work for them! 

7. Knowing interesting facts about books on the shelves. I was in Asda the other day and I said to the soon I was with-oh that books was originally going to have red accents on the cover, but they chose pink at the last minute because the thought it popped more-that was very cool and not something I'd know about if it hadn't been for blogging! 

8. Getting to hear the authors motivation for writing. When we are sent books we are issues with a press release as well and often this has a lot of information about the Author, this can help the reader understand the motivation behind that book and that takes the enjoyment of the book to such a different place. This also happens when you meet authors and are chatting to them and it just opens up a whole new world. I've often been tempted to go back and re-read a book again after having spoken to the author, or heard an interview with them about their motivation being writing. 

9. Meeting some of my favourite authors. On my blog I list my favourite authors as Lindsey Kelk, Rowan Coleman, Milly Johnson, Carmen Reid, Ali Harris, Sophie Kinsella, Jenny Colgan, Marian Keyes and Kate Harrison. (Direct quote) and I have met five of these amazing ladies! These authors have got me through some really tough times and I have devoured new things they have come out with. Getting to meet some of these writers has meant to much to me I can't even express it and that has been on of the most wonderful things that has come of having this blog! 

10. The amazing books. Sometimes as a blogger, you are sent books or asked to read a book you might not normally pick up. This has happened many times for me, and whilst sometimes it's tempting to say no and carry on with the trusted genre you know and love, sometimes it can totally pay off to read something different. Last year I read so many books tha weren't really my kind of thing that turned out to be totally amazing and made it onto my top ten books of the year. Of course there were risks that didn't pay off, but that's always going to happen whatever field you're in. Discovering amazing books that take you to amazing places is definitely the best part of being a blogger. 

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