Wednesday 26 February 2014

Mini review: Deception-The Arcade Year 2 Episode 1 by Kitty Charles

It's New Year's Eve and the tenants of Angell's Arcade are preparing in their own ways to greet 2014. But as they gather for their traditional get together under the glass atrium, it seems as though everyone has something to hide.

And Joan is keeping the biggest secret of them all...nothing will ever be the same again.

The #1 Amazon bestselling serial! Like your favourite soap, The Arcade brings you characters you love to hate – and to love. Each bite-sized episode is perfect for your journey to work, your lunch-break – or a quiet night of escapism. And it’ll leave you wanting more – with a teaser of next month’s storyline! 

Review: this episode of The Arcade kicks off perfectly, covering every single character and catching up with wha they are doing now, it also leads readers in the directions of what is going to happen in the year ahead in The Arcade. I have to admit, I really didn't know where the arcade as going to go next, there was so much drama and so much happened last year in this fabulous series, and yet the writers have managed to set up some drama and goings on nicely for the year ahead. 

It was great that this episode literally covers all the characters. If you're wondering how things are faring for the characters featured in the November episode, you can find out here. If you're wanting to know how a certain new arcade couple are getting on, you can find out here. It is very hard to cover all the characters in such a short space of time/words and yet it has been done well here. The characters and their storylines have been covered thoroughly and without rushing, and left me feeling entirely satisfied as a regular arcade reader. 

If you missed out on any episodes of The Arcade last year, I would suggest catching up with those before reading the first episode of the second year. If you've yet to meet any of these characters and experience this wonderful monthly soap opera of novellas, then you can always download the entire twelve episodes in Where Dreams Come True, a Year in The Arcade. I don't think readers who haven't read The Arcade yet will be able to access this episode, however regular readers of The Arcade will find everything they are looking for here...

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