Monday 3 February 2014

February is Paperback Month!

So I've decided I need to read some of my lovely paperbacks and hardbacks (the title of this post is slightly deceiving I agree).

I've got so many paperbacks and hardbacks my shelves are quite literally bulging. I tend to get rid of my books once ice read them unless I know I'm going to read them again, they are part of a social collection or they are signed. I lend them to friends, take them to the charity shop or swap them with other people. Most of my friends know that if they come to me for a book recommendation they will most probably he a couple of books thrust at them either to borrow or to keep. 

I've read an awful lot of Ebooks recently, and whilst I have nothing against ebook, I'm kind of missing he feel of an actual book, something I can hold in my hands, smell and feel the weight of. I also have the problem of having far too many of them and so I've decided that for the month of February I'm going to give my kindle (and my kindle app on my iPad) a rest.

During the month of February I will only read physical books. There is one exception to this and that is The Arcade. Because this is an ebook only serial, I am allowed to read the February edition of The Arcade. Apart from that, the books I read will be physical books which I have bought, been sent, been lent or borrowed from the library. 

If anyone else wants to join in with my paperback February, let me know and we can cheer each other on. I love to hear your comments! 

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  1. Hope paperback February is going well for you! I'm trying to blitz through my review books. I'm doing okay so far, but could be better...