Saturday 1 February 2014

Random House Blogger Brunch Jan 2014

I was lucky enough to be invited to another blogger brunch by Random House last month. This is a chance to see what fabulous books they are going to be publishing over the next few months. Its also a chance for us to meet one or two of their authors, find out what books are going to be turned into films very soon, and of course it is a chance for us to catch up with other bloggers!

There are some awesome sounding books coming out in the next few months and we were lucky enough to get some of them in our fabulous goody bags. 

Bird by Crystal Chan is out on 30th January and is about a girl who's brother dies the day she is born and on her Birthday one year she finds a mysterious boy with the same name as her bother sitting in her oak tree...

Running Girl by Simon Mason came out on 12th January and is the first in a new YA crime series starting Garvie Smith...

The Name on Your Wrist came out last year in ebook but has just come out in paperback and was the winner of The Sony Young Movellist of the Year award...

The final book in our goody bag was Echo boy by Matt Haig. This comes out on 27th March and here is the blurb: 

Audrey's father taught her that to stay human in the modern world, she had to build a moat around herself; a moat of books and music, philosophy and dreams. A moat that makes Audrey different from the echoes: sophisticated, emotionless machines, built to resemble humans and to work for human masters. Daniel is an echo - but he's not like the others. He feels a connection with Audrey; a feeling Daniel knows he was never designed to have, and cannot explain. And when Audrey is placed in terrible danger, he's determined to save her. The Echo Boy is a powerful story about love, loss and what makes us truly human.

We were lucky enough to meet Matt Haig at this event and he was lovely enough to sign our books. He talked about how it's feels to be writing for a new audience, having only written children's and adults fictions before. He said that because this is a YA book, it's feels like it is his debut novel entirely, rather than just his debut novel for this audience! He said he set out to write an entirely different book and then this happened. He hasn't written anything which falls into the sci fi genre before and he feels like it's not really real. The thing that helped write this book with a teen voice for a YA audience was the fact that it was written in the first person and so it was easier for the teen voice to come across, it came naturally. 

Although this is a sci fi book and therefore not my usual kind of thing, hearing him read from it and talk about about it, I really want to read this novel now! 

Some of the other books that Random house showed us which I quite fancy reading were: 

Bet Your Life by Jane Casey, out on 13thFebruary

The forbidden Library by Django Wexler, out on 10th April

 Heart Break Girl by Malorie Blackman, out on 22nd May

The fearless by Emma Pass, out on 24th April

The Tin Snail by Cameron McAllister, out on 8th April

Web of Darkness by Bali Rai, out on 5th June

The Boy in The Tower by Polly Ho-Yen, out on 3rd July

Darcy Burdock Hi So Much by Laura Dockrill, out on 27th February

So many fab sounding books to add to my to read list and many movies I now want to go and see following the books. 

Let me know in the comments below if you'd like to see a review of any of these books particularly before the others.

Thanks so much to Random House for hosting this event, their blogger events are always so much fun and so well organised. 


  1. Fab writeup! I'm really excited for Echo Boy. I also like the sound of Forbidden Library, Heart Break Girl and Web of Darkness, though there are lots of good titles coming :-)

  2. Wonderful writing! I'm very excited for Echo Boy. I also like the sound of Forbidden Library, Heart Break Girl, and Web of Darkness, although there are many good titles coming :-)
    Regards: house kepping