Monday 26 August 2019

Bout of Books 26 Wrap Up

Another Bout of Books has come to an end, and what a week it was! My Goal during a week long readathon is generally to read 7 books and so I put some shorter books on my TBR and them completely ignored them in favour of reading full-length books all week. I took part in both twitter chats, acted as an expert over on social media and commenting on other blog. I did every day's instagram challenge and did most of the challenges on here this week (see below for more details on that). It was just great fun and I had such a blast chatting to people whilst running reading sprints over on Twitter too. 

I decided not to count the books from my 2 volunteering sessions this week, even though they would have counted for 6 more books, because I meant to show them in my vlog as I read them and I didn't so I just left them off here. I also worked 5 days and vlogged the whole week so you can look forward to that coming up on my channel this week too. 

As you can see, if you've been following my posts this week, I had a last push on the final day, reading nearly 2 whole books (yes my eyes are very tired today) I did listen to maybe 15 minutes of audiobook but I'm not going to count that as I read enjoy pages and I will finish that off today!


I missed 2 challenges this week. One was to recreate a book cover and I didn't end up doing it on the day because it was a pretty severe storm here and I didn't want to get wet or struck by lightening etc. So here's that for you now... (I'm ok with missing out the other challenge.

Reading Update 

Audiobook 307 Pages

Paperback 384 Pages

Audiobook 304 Pages

Audiobook 352 Pages

Paperback 448 Pages

Paperback 368 Pages

Ebook 464 Pages

Part Books Finished

I listened to half of this one.  Half of this one is 160 pages. 

Pages Read This Week: 2787

Complete Books Finished: 7

Part Books Finished: 1

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