Thursday 22 August 2019

Bout of Books Day 3 Update & Day 4 Challenge

Day 3 was a pretty good day for reading, I had a relatively busy morning and afternoon but I was able to get a lot more reading done in the evening including both audiobook and ebook. I got another 2 books finished which was great. Neither of them were really favourites of mine though so I'm hoping to be a lot more positive about the next book that I read! I ran a couple of Twitter sprints, i hope to do more of these tomorrow. I also did the Instagram photo challenge. 


I didn't mange to do yesterday's challenge because I wanted to do something outside and we ended up having a massive storm all evening so I will hopefully post this at some point once the risk of a lightning strike is slightly less!

Today's challenge is If This Then That. I will update this later on today. 

Reading Update

I listened to the rest of this one, totalling 138 pages.

I read the final 142 pages of No Judgements by Meg Cabot. This wasn't my favourite read but it definitely made for a good buddy read discussion!

I also read another 10% of this amounting to 40 pages. I am hoping to finish this one today as well as start another Buddy read an my book for my shopaholic re-read!

Pages Read Today: 320

Pages Read This Week: 1071

Complete Books Finished: 3

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