Sunday 25 August 2019

Bout of Books Day 6 Update and Day 7 Challenge

Today was a funny one because we had the chat in the morning which was great and I listened to my audiobook the whole time. I also had some audiobook and gym time an then that was basically it for reading time. I was out all afternoon and evening and so managed a few pages before bed and that was it. Tomorrow is another day though, tomorrow is another day!


Today's challenge is to stretch your goals. I had 10 books on my TBR to choose from and I have read 2 of them so far. So my goal is to read another book from my actual TBR today. I have them in my hands I am ready to go-I might do some reading sprints to achieve those goals. We're going to smash it!

Reading Update 

I read the last 15% of this one. I did it before I even got out of bed to make sure that it happened. This book is excellent. 15% is equivalent to 60 pages. 

I also started a new audiobook and read half of this one.  Half of this one is 160 pages. 

And then I also finally started reading this when we got in from our night out. I really wanted to red more of it but I got the first 56 pages read-not too shabby. This will be a quick read as it is a re-read so hopefully I will have time to squeeze in one more book after this. 

Pages Read Today: 276

Pages Read This Week: 1937

Complete Books Finished: 5

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