Friday 23 August 2019

Bout of Books Day 4 Update & Day 5 Challenge

When I came to count my pages for today I was a little put out because I really felt like I had read more than that but I was out of the house all afternoon and evening and then when I did get home I didn't read very much because I basically ate and went to bed-ha!

I started a new buddy read and made a significant dent in my ebook so that was great. I am at that stage now though where I am already thinking about the next book and getting FOMO for the other books I'm not currently reading-does anyone else get that?

Volunteering this morning means I'll be adding a couple more picture books to my list of books read this week-every little helps and everything counts as reading!


So I'm behind on challenges. I do really want to do them-I will try!

Today's challenge is slightly easier in that it is a TV show or play or musical that you would like to see adapted into a book-the other way around from day 2's challenge, i like it!

This one was quite easy for me because who wouldn't want to see a spin off from Grey's Anatomy as a novel? Perhaps a diary from one of the key characters or a 'where are they now' from one of the characters who has left. I want to know what Christina Yang is up to and I want in a romcom novel form!

Reading Update

I started my buddy read of this one with my friend Jena. I have the audiobook and a physical book so I can switch between the 2. I read 175 pages of this. 

I also read another 25% of this amounting to 100 pages. I was hoping to finish this one today but I can feel it happening quite soon!

Pages Read Today: 275

Pages Read This Week: 1346

Complete Books Finished: 3

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