Friday 2 August 2019

Review: The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell

In a large house in London’s fashionable Chelsea, a baby is awake in her cot. Well-fed and cared for, she is happily waiting for someone to pick her up.
In the kitchen lie three decomposing corpses. Close to them is a hastily scrawled note.
They’ve been dead for several days.

Who has been looking after the baby?
And where did they go?
Two entangled families.
A house with the darkest of secrets.
A compulsive new thriller from Lisa Jewell.

Review: Oh my goodness this is the creepiest of Lisa Jewell's novels yet. I felt like parts of it were verging on horror they were getting to me so much. I highly recommend that you read this book but I would avoid doing so before bed otherwise you'll be dreaming about just who could be above you!
I loved this book and I have no idea how Lisa Jewell manages to come up with the plot twist that she does but this is in intricately woven plot with events and people that you will never see coming, It takes place so close to home as well, everything that these characters go through could totally happen to you and so that it why it gets under your skin so quickly and so deeply. 
Speaking of characters, there are so many intriguing ones in this novel. I loved spending time with Libby who is the young innocent in the whole saga. She doesn't really know what she's getting herself into at the start of the novel and I feel like she still really doesn't grasp the massively big picture by the time we get to the end of the novel. The answers to the questions posed in the blurb get answered slowly and surely throughout the novel but you're never really sure if the answers you've been given should be trusted because we have a whole host of unreliable characters and narrators here. 
I really don't want to say much more apart from the fact that I feel she eases us into this plot gently and then you're pushed under and you won't want to surface again until you reach the end. I read this book in two sittings totally gripped and I loved every moment of it. There are a couple of points that are definitely not for those of you who might be a little squeamish and there are care warnings for sexual violence but on the whole I really do recommend this book to everyone else-you're in for a wild ride!
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