Saturday 24 August 2019

Bout of Books Day 5 Update and Day 6 Challenge

I didn't end up having as much time for reading today as I thought I would. I read well into the night after having read over breakfast too so I'm gonna be tired tomorrow but I didn't manage to finish my ebook which I was really aiming to do today. I did to today's insta challenge though as well as replying to a whole bunch of other people's book spine poetry!


Today's challenge is to leave a review. As I write this I have just finished a recent release so I am about to go and leave my review on Netgally, Amazon and Goodreads and it will be up here on the blog next week-reviews are so important and you know I love to share them with you!

Reading Update

I finished this book reading the other 175 pages to completion. It was great being able to talk about this one with Jena because that makes writing the review so much easier. 

I just couldn't quite finish this one even though I tried. I read another 35% and will finish the last 15% in the morning! Altogether 35% equals 140 pages. 

Pages Read Today: 315

Pages Read This Week: 1661

Complete Books Finished: 4

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