Thursday 8 August 2019

Review: Wilde Women by Louise Pentland

You never know what surprises life has in store . . .

Robin Wilde is crazy busy with her exciting job and her lovely new man. She's parenting with flair, and she's feeling better after the heartbreak of last year. But with so little time to herself, and best friend Lacey's increasing struggle with post-natal depression, the cracks are beginning to show. Cue a team trip to New York. It might just be the tonic Robin, Lacey, Auntie Kath, Edward and even Piper need.

But when a huge family secret is exposed, Robin's life looks even closer to falling apart.

Review: This is going to be a hard one to review because I really don't want to give away any spoilers and as the blurb suggests, there is a big family secret unearthed in this book that is juicy and yet I cannot talk about it!

I loved being back with Robin Wilde again, as you know I am a big fan of hers and so it was great to be able to spend another novel with her in her little world and see how she is getting on with her life. I read this one on audiobook, just like the previous two books and the narrator did a great job of bringing Robin, Lilah and Auntie Kath to life once again. 

This novel takes place partly in the UK and partly in NYC just like the last book and there were moments that were so easy to relate to being a Brit living in the states, like the who Milky Way and Mars Bar situation (if you know you know) and so the plot [points were spot on for me. There is romance and relationship drama. Being a new mum is explored as are some of Robin's previous dramas from the other novels. Lilah, as always, provides some comic relief and yet you know that the things she often comes out with really aren't comic for Robin herself!

As always, Louise does a great job of covering some more serious issues sensitively and well over the course of the novel. None of the novels in this series have been specifically issues based novels and yet they have covered issues that women today, no matter their age or relationship status face all of the time. Louise exposes those issues and puts her characters in the position of dealing with them as part of every day life. Because they become part of the novel and part of the journey of that character they become matter of fact and I really life the fact that we can talk about those issues in the context of these novels and so we can start a conversation that might otherwise be taboo or be brushed over. 

Of course there is some wonderful romance in this book peppered with hideously embarrassing moments for almost all of the characters, think Bridget Jones and her big pants. This book is structured and edited so that we have the balance of the comedy, the serious stuff, the family moments and the romance and I think it makes for a great end to the series. 

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