Saturday 17 August 2019

Guest Review: Sinner By Jacqui Rose

Having been brought up amongst the hardest gangsters and faces of London, Franny Doyle learnt never to let love be her weakness. But she’ll do anything to protect those close to her, and at whatever cost.
Her partner Alfie Jennings is under pressure. The only person he ever sent down has recently been released from prison, and his Soho nightclub is under threat from his rival Charlie Eton – a man who doesn’t respond kindly to people taking away his business.
Charlie is playing dirty to come out on top, and when innocent children become involved in the feud, Franny and Alfie are dragged into a dark underworld where Alfie must face demons from his past, and Franny is in a dangerous race against time to ensure her own secrets aren’t exposed.

Betrayal and lies come with consequences, and old sins cast long shadows…

Review: This is the ninth book in a series of crime thrillers by the author. It follows on from the previous instalment, but can be read as a standalone book. It is a story about gangsters in Soho, London. In particular, it describes how Franny Doyle and Alfie Jennings, now back together and running a club in Soho, face up to demons from their past.

This book is definitely not one for the squeamish, since it describes scenes of graphic violence, other scenes which some people may find upsetting, and contains strong language. It deals with the world of violent criminals and the seedier side of life. As such, it is very difficult to feel any sympathy with the characters. However, I did find that I wanted to know how the main characters, Franny and Alfie, would find their way out of the difficult situations in which they found themselves. The story moves at a fast pace and the chapters are relatively short, so I found myself wanting to keep reading to find out the characters' fate. As in the one previous book in this series that I have read, the plot does seem to rely heavily on  coincidences.

Hence, if you are a fan of violent crime fiction, this will appeal to you, but if you are of a nervous disposition, I would suggest that you avoid this one.

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