Sunday 17 May 2020

Bout of Books 28 Day 6 Update and Day 7 Challenge

Well today was definitely more of a low key day for me today in terms of reading. I went for a longer walk with a friend (socially distanced) and so that was a good hour of walking with no audiobook. I also watched a movie for a book to movie video that will be up today too and the weekend is also time to catch up on facetime with family so... less reading for me today overall and that's fine. 

I was VERY late doing the instagram challenge today but I did it and I also took part in the Twitter chat this morning even though it felt like it was soooo early! I did not write any more reviews because... time! 


Today's challenge is stretch your goals, the classic day 7 challenge for Bout of Books. I have already met my goal of reading 7 books in 7 days (Yey) so if I finish my two currently reading books today I will have more than met my goals. I do often have a bit of a slump when I finish Bout of Books especially one where I've read more books than there are days in the week so I think perhaps my goal will be to start a new book before the readathon is finished so then I've got something specific to come back to on Monday. 

What are your stretch goals?

Reading Update

I read 54% of this ebook, I wanted to finish it but my attention span at the end of the day meant I just had to go to bed ha! This was 75 pages. 

I listened to exactly 50% of this one. Again I could have taken this to bed ans put the sleep timer on BUT I knew with the way my head was at the end of the day today I just needed to put on a sleep meditation and so I am back at this again today. 50% equates to 192 pages. 

I did start and finish a book very late last night and that is the book vs movie that will be up today...

This added 256 pages to my total!

Pages Read Today: 523

Pages Read This Week: 3009

Complete Books Finished: 7