Monday 18 May 2020

Bout of Books Day 7 Update and Wrap Up

The Bout of Books Readathon has come to a close but do not worry there will be another one along for us in August, I wonder what that one will look like?

This was a fairly successful readathon for me. I took part in both Twitter challenges, did all the blog challenges and all but the last Instagram challenge. I also hosted several reading sprints in my capacity as a Bout of Books expert as well as leaving comments on people's blog updates, and championing people on Twitter and Instagram. I would say that I feel off updating on my insta stories on the last couple of days but I still posted my updates on here. 

It's just a shame that us experts don't get anyone commenting on our tweets or blogs isn't it? 

Day 7 Reading Update

I finished reading this on audio today. That equates to 192 pages. 

I read the reminaing 46% of this-it was gorgeous! This equates to 64 pages. 

Then because I had time I listened to Rick by Alex Gino and it was just wonderful! It was 240 pages. 

Weekly Reading Update

Audiobook: 240 pages

Audiobook: 256 pages

Audiobook: 400 pages

Audiobook: 368 pages

Ebook: 448 pages

Audiobook: 320 pages

Paperback: 362 pages

Ebook: 400 pages 

Audiobook: 384 pages

Audiobook: 296 pages

Ebook: 138 pages 

Pages Read Day 7: 496

Pages Read This Week: 3612

Complete Books Finished: 11

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