Thursday 7 May 2020

Review: Meet me at Pebble Beach Part 4 (Seas the Day) by Bella Osborne

This is the fourth part in a brand new four-part serial from Bella Osborne. Make sure you read parts one, two and three first!
Regan has been busy trying to tick everything off her lottery wish list: she’s started her own business, helped a worthy cause, and even sorted out a new home – albeit a temporary one. But she still has a couple of items to check off – including get a hot new boyfriend, and she knows justwhere to find one… 
Will Regan and Charlie get their happy ending and sail off into the sunset – or does fate have other ideas?

Review: Oh this ending to the series was everything I hoped it would be and more. Things start to tie up, relationships become stronger, there is drama and heartbreak but there are also some ‘aww’ moments and some more adventures for Regan to go on. 

I feel like, not only have we now got to know Cleo a lot better than we did in the beginning (I now love her as a character, she needs her own spinoff) but this installment we get to see the hidden depths of Charlie and I love that he finally gets to expose himself a little more. Charlie has a bit of an up and down past and has an uncertain future and all that comes to the forefront in this installment. 

I also feel like we get a final step in the growth of lovely Regan in this book. She has finally found her stride and is now really settling into her life post lottery gate, she is where she needs to be and we finally get to see her heart come out. She really does care so much about others and it's great that she is able to show us how much in this episode!

Drama, drama, drama though. Oh my goodness so much drama! Things are revealed, other things happen and then you’re gasping, crying, laughing and crying again. I won’t say anymore because there are no spoilers here but… all the feels and all the action for part 4 of Pebble Beach! Really recommend this series, or the book as a whole and its great escape to Brighton with Regan too!

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