Friday 1 May 2020

April 2020 Reading Wrap Up

Well April was in interesting reading month. I definitely didn't read as much as I did in March because I was busy with the Social Distance Book Fest. That's the big news of the month really, and it's something I was so happy and proud to be part of. Here's my panel but the whole thing and the number of people we brought joy to is so much bigger than just my panel so do go and check out the playlist of the authors on the day over on my channel!

I also read more ebooks this month thanks to a lot of April releases and Netgalley. I enjoyed getting back in touch with my Kindle again and I enjoyed being able to access the books of the authors on my panel too. Less physical books this month and a ton of audiobooks as usual. 

I loved our Paige Toon books this month and I can't  beleive that whole readathon is coming to and end. Make sure you check out my May TBR to find out which books we're reading next month-I'm excited!

As always I will break my reading down into ebooks, physical books and audiobooks and leave links to any reviews I have already written. 


Physical Books


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