Saturday 16 May 2020

Bout of Books Day 5 Update & Day 6 Challenge

Well Day 5 of the readathon was pretty chill. I had a bit of a lay in in the morning and so I got a late start on the day. I did today's insta challenge but I didn't do any Twitter sprints today, I think because I mainly did audiobooks? I did catch up on commenting on some blogs and some instagram challenge pictures though and I have linked up every post so far. I'm excited for another Twitter chat tomorrow!

Although I read the least pages today out of every day this week, I did bring my total books for the week to 6 which looks like making my goal for the week 7 books very realistic yey!


Today's challenge is to leave a review. I love this challenge because you know I have a whole list of reviews to write for this week. I have already written and posted my review of a book I finished on day 4, The Minute I Saw You by Paige Toon, you can read that here

I am committing to writing 2 more reviews today, possibly for those I read yesterday...

Reading Update

I read the final 74 pages of this one so this is another book added to the finished for the week!

I listend to all of this one today. The book is 296 pages and you'll be able to see my full thoughts in my Bout of Books reading vlog as well as my vlog featuring this and 4 other queer romances yey!

Pages Read Today: 370

Pages Read This Week: 2486

Complete Books Finished: 6

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