Thursday 21 May 2020

Review: Meet Me a Pebble Beach by Bella Osborne

Regan is holding a winning lottery ticket.
Goodbye to the boyfriend who never had her back, and so long to the job she can’t stand!
Except it’s all a bit too good to be true…

When Regan gets pranked, she finds herself jobless, homeless and boyfriendless in one fell swoop.
Luckily her friendly seaside community provides a beacon of hope, proving to Regan that sometimes you really can rely on the kindness of others – and one local in particular, a handsome fireman called Charlie, helps Regan realise that this could be her chance for a fresh start.
Armed with a list of ways to change her life, Regan decides it’s time to step out of her comfort zone. Because – as Charlie knows all too well – life is for living . . .

Review: Well this was a wonderful story. Whether you did this novel as four separate parts or devoured the entire things as a whole I am sure that you loved getting to know Regan and travelling around Brighton as much as I did. This book does have something for everyone, a cosy coffee shop, a glamorous travel lifestyle, the idea of starting over and just a touch of romance for more than one of the characters. 

Regan was a great character to spend this novel with because she really does start off with a nice life and then loses it all within a click of her fingers. We get to see her at rock bottom and get to see how she copes with that. I love the fact that we never quite knew what she was going to do next and I love that she was a slight fly by the seat of her pants type of character because it meant that she could be tempered by some of the other more organised characters around her in the cast of the book. 

Obviously I loved getting to know the other characters in this novel too. They weren't always perfect but they provided a good sounding board for Regan and they were there to help her and bolster her endeavours in life. My favourite secondary character was Elivs, by a mile. I think that dog really came along when we needed him most and I loved watching life change for him as much as it did for Regan. 

The setting of this book was great because Brighton is a seaside town but  town that has a whole lot more than just beach about it. It allowed Regan to think big and yet have that wild beach there to ground her at the same time. I would love to see how some of the other characters went about town

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