Saturday 2 May 2020

May 2020 TBR

OK this might LOOK like a lot of books but when you look at what I read in March and in April, click to see those wrap ups, its actually quite normal for me during this weird time. There is a bout of books happening this month and this is always a pretty good readathon for me so I'm hoping to read a few books during that week. 

Release dates are UK unless otherwise specified. And I will be posting reviews on the blog as I go alone so keep an eye out for those. I have broken this down into May releases, Paige Toon Readalong books and other books I want to get to which includes some RNA Rainbow Chapter recommendations that I really want to get to and will be making a reading vlog about to go up during pride month so make sure you're subscribed to my channel so you don't miss that!

May Releases

Clap When You Land-Elizabeth Acevedo-May 5th

Big Summer-Jennifer Weiner-May 5th

People Like Us-Louise Fein-May 7th

The Minute I saw You-Paige Toon-May 14th

Where We Belong-Anstey Harris-May 14th

Meet Me At Pebble Beach Part 4-Bella Osborne-May 14th

Far from Perfect-Holly Smale-May 14th

Beach Read-Emily Henry-May 19th

Happy and You Know It-Laura Hankin-May 19th

A Wedding at the Beach Hut-Veronica Henry-May 28th

Wonderland-Juno Dawson-May 28th

Five Hundred Miles From You-Jenny Colgan-May 28th

The High Moments-Sara-Ella Ozbek-May 28th

Meet Me At Pebble Beach Whole Book-Bella Osborne-May 28th

Paige Toon Reads

(2nd May 2020)

(9th May 2020)

(16th May 2020)

The dates on this one should be to start on the 23rd but I know the paperback publication date has now been pushed until August 6th so I will still be aiming to read this this month but might host another readalong once the paperback and audiobook come out on the 6th August. 

Other Books I Want To Get To

(I started this in April and want to finish it)

RNA Rainbow Chapter Recommendations

I'm going to be making a reading vlog featuring these fabulous books so make sure you're subscribed to my channel so that you don't miss those!

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