Wednesday 13 May 2020

Bout of Books Day 2 Update & Day 3 Challenge

Well Day 2 of the readathon was pretty good apart from the part where I went for a walk and forgot my headphones to listen to my audiobook. I did a couple of reading sprints over on Twitter, did today's insta challenge and managed to keep up with my cheerleader expert role pretty well I think. I thought I might finish my ebook today but I guess that will be a task for tomorrow!

Today's challenge is book to movie. I love making book vs movie videos over on my channel so there are definitely plenty of books I would love to see as a movie. One I read recently that I have just heard is going to be a movie is The Switch by Beth O'Leary. 

I also feel like The Day We Meet Again would make an epic movie...

And the I Heart Series would make an amazing sex and the city style TV show!

Here are some of my most recent book to movie videos:

Reading Update

I read another 70 pages of this today as per our buddy read break down. I am really enjoying this book!

I read another 10 chapters of this but I'm not going to work out the pages of it. I could see myself finishing this tomorrow because I am really into it and its been really hard to stop!

I read another 28% of this book that equates to 125 pages. 

So I started this before bed last night but after midnight and then I just finished it now... after midnight but I'm counting that as I read it all today so... this is 368 pages. 

Pages Read Today: 563

Pages Read This Week: 1081

Complete Books Finished: 2

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